Jurnal dulce, dulce tare :)

RO: Pe Iulia de la jurnaldulce.ro sigur o stiti de pe Instagram. Da, da, ea e cea care face torturile acelea atat de apetisante, aparent nefinisate si cu glazura aceea dementiala de ciocolata. Si face o pavlova… o Doamne, o nirvana pavlovelor pe Pamant! Si cum ne stie de zabaugi si alergatori, mereu pe drumuri, agitati si intotdeauna contra-cronometru, ne-a pregatit o surpriza atat de draguta si de dulce inainte de plecarea in Luxemburg! S-avem pachetel pe zbor, nu de alta 🙂 Kitul dulce (sa nu care cumva sa ne scada glicemia pana la destinatie :P) contine o multime de dragalasenii dulci, pe care abia daca te lasa inima sa le mananci de cat sunt de frumoase si perfecte 🙂 Mini tarte, biscuiti in forma de avioane, cake pops colorate si numai bune de pozat, toate intr-un kit micut, numai bun de luat la bagajul de mana 🙂 Iar de va trece vreodata prin minte vreo idee traznita de tort, de prajitura, de cake bar sau orice are legatura cu dulciurile, Iulia e o sursa nesfarsita de inspiratie si idei si tot ce iese din mainile ei e absolut fabulos! Si mai mult decat atat, e prietena noastra si o indragim atat de tare pentru tot ceea ce face si pentru toata pasiunea pe care o pune in proiectul acesta nou, ca zau ca merita un follow pe Instagram-ul ei demential de inspititor! 🙂

EN: You probably already know Iulia from jurnaldulce.ro from her Instagram account. Yup, yup, she’s the one that makes those savory cakes, apparently unfinished and with that absolutely gorgeous chocolate frosting. And she makes such a Pavlova… oh Geez, a kind of Pavlova Heaven! And she knows we’re crazy and always on the run, hectic and permanently on a race against time, so she prepared us such a nice and sweet surprise before our flight to Luxembourg! So that we can have a little sweet box on our flight 🙂 The sweet kit (heeeey we’re not on a low-glycemic diet here :D) contains a lot of cute sweets, so nice and beautiful that we can barely eat 🙂 Mini tarts, biscuits in the shape of airplanes, colorful cake pops and perfect for taking pictures with them, all in a small sweet box, perfect for taking as hand luggage 🙂 And if you ever have a crazy idea for a delicious cake or anything related to sweet. Iulia is an endless source of inspiration and ideas and everything that’s made by her hands is absolutely fabulous! And even more than that, she;s our dear friend and we love her so much for everything that she does and for all that passion that she puts in this new project of hers, that she honestly deserves a follow on her extremely appealing Instagram account! 🙂
Jurnal Dulce_Prinlume_3
Jurnal Dulce_Prinlume_4
Jurnal Dulce_Prinlume_2
Jurnal Dulce_Prinlume_1
Jurnal Dulce_Prinlume_6
Jurnal Dulce_Prinlume_6 (2)
Jurnal Dulce_Prinlume_7
Jurnal Dulce_Prinlume_8
Jurnal Dulce_Prinlume_10

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