Road Trip in Lower Saxony – Celle and Brunswick

RO: Si cum mai toate deciziile bune se iau dupa (cel putin) un pahar de Prosecco, asa si noi ne trezim miercuri seara cu dor nebun de duca. Sa dam o fuga in weekend pe la conace boieresti prin Transilvania, pe la mare prin Vama Veche, prin delta, prin Oltenia, hai poate pe la Cluj, ba mai bine Timisoara. La mare toarna cu galeata, conacele-s toate ocupate si uite ca pana adormim avem deja in mailbox mailul de confirmare de la Wizz. Cum-necum, mergem la Hanovra! Bilet ieftin ca braga, orar de zbor perfect pentru city break si-un carnetel plin de trasee si alergaturi demente printre orase si satuce traditionale!

EN: And just because all good decisions are taken after (at least) one glass of Prosecco, we woke up on Wednesday evening longing for some travels. Let’s go this weekend to see the manors in Transilvania, or to the seaside at Vama Veche, to the Danube delta, through Oltenia, or maybe Cluj, or perhaps Timisoara. At the seaside it’s raining cats and dogs this weekend, the manors are all fully booked and guess what, until we fell asleep we already have in our mailbox the confirmation email from Wizzair. Somehow, we’re going to Hanover! Extremely cheap airplane ticket, a perfect flight schedule for a city break and a notebook full of itineraries and wandering like crazy all those traditional villages and towns!
Henri Coanda Airport_Bucharest
RO: Ce credeam noi, ca Germania se mandreste numai cu sudul bavarez, cu satele autentice si peisajele dementiale catre Alpi? Ei bine nu, uite ca nici Saxonia Inferioara nu-i mai prejos! O avea Bavaria drumul romantic de la Wurzburg pana-n Fussen (Romantische Strasse) si satele de poveste, daaaaar scoate si Saxonia Inferioara asul ei din maneca cu drumul caselor din barne de lemn (Deutsche Fachwerkstrasse). Ei ce sa-i faci, le place nemtilor sa se mandreasca cu drumurile lor, chiar si-atunci cand nu sunt autobahn-uri fara limita πŸ™‚ Si in caz c-aveam impresia ca asta-i tot ce poate tara in materie de drumuri, ei bine nu. Mai avem si un drum al castelelor, si unul al vinului, si unul al povestilor fratilor Grimm. Asta in caz ca ne saturam cumva de prea multe case barnoase weekendul acesta, sa fim siguri c-avem de unde alege πŸ™‚Β Lasam Hanovra cea industriala pentru alta data, ne luam 500-le si pornim spre Celle.

EN: What have we thought, that Germany is only proud of its Bavarian southern part, with authentic villages and lovely landscapes towards the Alps? Oh well, nope, looks like Lower Saxony strikes back! Maybe bavaria has its romantic road from Wurzburg to FussenΒ (Romantische Strasse) and its fairy tale villages, buuuuuut Lower Saxony has a card up its sleeve with the Timber Frame RoadΒ (Deutsche Fachwerkstrasse). What can you do, German people like to brag about their roads, even when they are limitless autobahns πŸ™‚ And just in case we thought that this is all Germany has to offer in terms of roads, well not. We have a Castle Road as well, a Wine Road and the Grimm brothers fairy tale road. Just in case we’ll get enough of so many timber frame houses this weekend, there’s plenty to choose from πŸ™‚ We leave the industrial Hanover for some other time, we pick up our Fiat 500 and we’re heading to Celle.Β 
Celle_Timber Frame Houses_2
Celle_Timber Frame Houses_11
Celle_Timber Frame Houses_2 (2)
Celle_Timber Frame Houses_1
Celle_Timber Frame Houses_4 (2)
Celle Grmany
Celle_Timber Frame Houses_18
Celle_Timber Frame Houses_5Celle_Timber Frame Houses_17
Celle_Timber Frame Houses_14
Celle_Timber Frame Houses_4
RO: Orasul cu cele mai multe si mai variate case din barne de lemn din toata Europa! Si de parca n-ar fi fost suficiente strazile doldora de casute numai bune de pozat, care mai de care mai vopsita si mai spilcuita, orasu-i mandru tare de originile sale nobile. Pai nu sta fix in mijlocul centrului istoric Palatul Ducal, cea mai veche cladiri din oras, dichisit si aranjat si-nconjurat din toate partile de branduse movulii, abia inflorite? Atata doar ca ne zgariem pe ochi ca ne-am lasat wide-ul acasa, si-abia reusim sa indesam ditamai palatul in cadru πŸ™‚

EN: The town with the most timber frame houses in all Europe! And if it’s not enough that the streets are simply full of houses perfect for photographing them, each one of them painted and neat, the town is proud of its noble roots. Well that’s understandable, considering the fact that in the middle of the historical center there is the Ducal Palace, the oldest building in the town, so fancy and surrounded from all the sides by just blooming purple crocus πŸ™‚ The only issue is that we forgot our wide lens back home, and we can barely squeeze all that palace in a picture πŸ™‚Β 
Celle_Germany_Ducal Palace_1
Spring in Celle Germany
Celle_Germany_Ducal Palace_7
Celle_Germany_Ducal Palace_4
Celle_Germany_Ducal Palace_5
Celle_Germany_Ducal Palace_6
Celle_Germany_Ducal Palace_3
RO: O piata locala deschisa sambata pana pe-aproape de pranz, flori cat cuprinde de zici c-ai nimerit in piata de flori de prin cine stie ce oras olandez, sparanghel la orice taraba, ca doar asta-i “aurul alb” al Saxoniei, lampi vorbitoare la colt de strada, si-o vreme de iesim cu totii ca lacustele la soare, sa luam micul dejun. Pentru ca ce sa vezi, si-aici, ca in multe alte orasele nemtesti, e plin de locuri bestiale de luat micul dejun… etajat. Da, da, trei etaje de mancare la prima ora in dimineata, ba si-o cafea si-un pahar de Prosecco, sa nu care cumva sa mai fii in stare sa-ti ridici burtoiul de pe scaun πŸ™‚ Si daca mic dejun delicious mai gasesti si prin alte parti in Celle, prajituri ca la Museum CafΓ© nici c-ai mai pomenit! Si pan’ la urma… nicio vizita in tara nemtilor fara un festin cu apfelstrudel. Ce mai conteaza ca la origini o fi el austriac, nicaieri in lume nu gasesti strudel cu mere ca la nemti, delicios si fierbinte si inecat in sos de vanilie. Dar hei, nici n-am inceput bine articolul despre satele saxone ca deja ne-am avantat la portiile uriase de mancare.

EN: A local market open on Saturdays till almost noon, flowers all over, that it makes you think that you ended up in a flower market from who knows what Dutch town, asparagus on each stand as this seems to be the “white gold” of Saxony, talking lamps at the corner of the street and a gorgeous weather, perfect for having breakfast in the sun. Because what do you know, here, as well as in other German towns, there are plenty of great places to have breakfast… in tiers. Yup, yup, three tiers of food at first hour in the morning, a coffee and a glass of Prosecco, so that we will not even be able to get up from the chairs πŸ™‚ And maybe you can find other nice places to have breakfast in Celle, but cakes like the ones from Museum Cafe are hard to find! And in the end… no visit to the Germans without an apfelstrudel feast. It really doesn’t matter that the origins of the apfelstrudel lie in Austria, because nowhere in the world you’ll find apfelstrudels like those from Germany, delicious and just taken out of the oven and simply drowned in vanilla sauce. But hey, we haven’t even started our article about the Saxon villages and we’re already talking about huge portions of food.Β 
Celle_Germany_Local Market_1
Celle_Germany_Local Market_2
Celle_Germany_Local Market_3
Museums Cafe_Celle_Germany_1
RO: Revenim la casele de lemn, macar sa spunem in treacat doua vorbe despre Casa Hoppener, cea mai aratoasa si mai vopsita casa din tot orasul! Adevarul e ca-s asa multe case frumoase, si-atatea stradute pline de terase imbietoare si mirosuri de apfelstrudeleΒ proaspete si wursti sfaraind pe gratar, ca nu prea te incumeti sa pleci mai departe. Daaaaar, drumul caselor din barne de lemn are nici mai mult, nici mai putin de 3000 de kilometri (eeei, nu-s toti in Saxonia Inferioara, ci in toata Germania, de la sud la nord) si vreo 98 de sate si orasele autentice, ca parca-i pacat sa nu vezi cat mai multe πŸ™‚

EN: Coming back to the timber frame houses, we should at least say a few words about Hoppener House,Β the most beautiful house from the entire town! The truth is that there are so many nice houses and so many streets full of tempting terraces and the smell of freshly baked apfelstrudels and wursts sizzling on the grill, that we simply don’t want to leave this place. Buuuut, the timber frame road has neither more nor less than 3000 kilometers (well not all of them are in Lower Saxony, but in the entire Germany, from south to north) and around 98 villages and authentic towns, that it would be a pity not to see as many as possible πŸ™‚
Celle_Timber Frame Houses_9
Celle Germany Center
Celle_Timber Frame Houses_7
Celle_Timber Frame Houses_19

Celle_Timber Frame Houses_8
Celle_Timber Frame Houses_10
Celle_Timber Frame Houses_6
Celle Historical Center_Germany
Celle_Timber Frame Houses_16
Celle_Timber Frame Houses_15.JPG
RO: Asa c-ajungem si prin Braunschweig ori mai bine Brunswick, mai pe englezisme. Nu prea se incadreaza la categoria sate saxone si nici nu face parte din drumul caselor cu barne de lemn (desi mai dai de cateva prin centrul istoric), dar parca n-ar strica o plimbare prin fata fostului palat Brunswick, facut zob dupa cel de-al doilea razboi mondial si-acum reconstruit si transformat, spre rusinea nemtilor, intr-un mall, Schlossarkaden. A ba nu, un colt de palat e biblioteca, slava cerului ca n-au irosit frumusete de fatada numai pentru H&M πŸ™‚

EN: So we’re finally arriving in Brauschweig or Brunswick in English. This is not quite a village and it’s actually not part of the Timber Road Frame (although there are a couple of them in the historical city center), but it would worth a visit in front of the Brunswick palace, which has been completely damaged after the second world war and now rebuilt, to German’s shame, in a mall, Schlossarkade. Oh well, a corner of the palace is a library, thank Gof they haven’t wasted that beautiful facade only for H&M πŸ™‚
RO: Si daca nu-i complet tacamul de ciudatenii arhitecturale si daca nu-i de ajuns tot mixul acesta de cladiri ba moderne, ba semi-comuniste, ba mall in palat ori cate-o casa traditionala cu barne de lemn aruncata in mijloc de bloculete patrate si anoste, imediat dupa mallul regal e Rizzi House, o amestecatura de floricele, fluturasi si-o nebunie de culori stridente, de zici c-ai nimerit in vreun cadru de pe la Cartoon Network. Si nu, nu-i vreo gradinita de copii, ci o cladire de birouri πŸ™‚

EN: And if we haven’t had enough of architectural weirdness and if this mix of modern and semi-communist buildings is not enough, either a mall in a palace or a traditional timber frame house thrown in the middle of some bland square blocks, right after the royal mall you can find Rizzi House, a mix of flowers, butterflies and some totally mad strident colors, that make you think you’ve ended up in some Cartoon Network setting. And nope, that’s not a kindergarden, it’s an office building πŸ™‚
Rizzi House_Brunswick_Germany_2
Rizzi House_Brunswick_Germany_3
Rizzi House_Brunswick_Germany_1
RO: Dar las’ ca-si spala Brunswick-ul orice urma de pacate cu catedrala din centru si mandra statuie a leului, ca doar asta-i simbolul orasului. Trebuia sa faca el Henric Leul, duce de Saxonia si Bavaria, ceva cat sa ramana in memoria locuitorilor orasului! Aaa, si sa-i dam Cezarului ce-i al Cezarului. Apusul vazut de sus, de la ultimul etaj al parcarii supraetajate de la Karstadt, cu muntii Harz in zare si marea de acoperisuri rosii-n jur, e demential. Si gratis πŸ™‚

EN: But no worries, Brunswick washes away its sins with the cathedral from the city center and the proud lion statue, which is actually the symbol of the city. Henric the Lion, duke of Saxony and Bavaria, had to do something to remain in the citizens memory! Aaaa, and let’s face it. The sunset seen from up above, from the top storeyΒ of the Karstadt parking, with the Harz mountains at distance and all those red roof tops, it’s simply gorgeous. And free πŸ™‚
Brunswick Catedral_1
Brunswick Catedral_3 (2)
Brunswick Catedral_2
Brunswick Catedral_5
Brunswick Catedral_4
Brunswick Catedral_3

Brunswick_Sunset Karsdat
RO: Cat despre hoteluri, Brunswick-ul asta nu o duce deloc rau la capitolul cazari frumoase. Jos palaria celui care a inventat aplicatia Hotel Tonight, numai bine c-am dat de o ieftinaciune de hotel de calatori, nou nout, fix pe ultima suta de metri, inainte de plecare πŸ™‚ Si noroc c-un pic de puncte stranse in cont, cat sa nu devalizam bugetul πŸ˜€

EN: And when it comes to hotels, Brunswick has quite a few options for nice accommodation. Hats off for those who have invented theΒ Hotel TonightΒ app, as we have found a brand new and cheap travelers hotel, right before our departure πŸ™‚ And luckily, we had some points accumulated in our account, so that we don’t vandalize our budget πŸ˜€Β 

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Intercity Hotel Braunsweig_1
Intercity Hotel Braunschweig