#lexa prinlume

RO: Ca Romania noastra-i plina de oameni talentati, stim deja. Ca avem designeri creativi din ale caror maini ies adevarate minuni, am aflat pe parcurs. Ce n-am stiut insa (si slava cerului ne-am “luminat” fix inainte de plecarea in Sri Lanka!) este ca exista si acei oameni ale caror produse nu respecta niciun fel de standard. Nicio regula de “fashion bun”, niciun tipar clasic de perfectiune, niciun trend. Sunt oamenii care creeaza dupa cum le dicteaza inima si inspiratia de moment. Si-abia acelea sunt adevarate opere de arta! Si uite ca avem si noi o clujeanca talentata de nu se poate, care s-a incapatanat sa puna cap la cap oΒ colectie cat se poate de “sui” si diferita. Materiale neconventionale (cine si-ar fi inchipuit o geanta din lemn si metal si piele, la un loc?!), modele inedite (pai ce-i mai sic ca un patratel amuzant purtat pe umar?!), culori si tipare… scoase din tipar πŸ™‚ Si cum sa nu-ti fie mai mare dragul sa duci creatiile Alexandrei Gheorghica pana la capatul lumii si-napoi? Sa stie o lume intreaga ce oameni frumosi si motivationali avem la noi in tara! Pe L E X A o gasiti pe site-ul oficial, pe Facebook si pe Instagram πŸ™‚

EN: We already knew that Romania is full of talented people. And on the wayΒ we also found out that from the creative hands of our fashion designers come up some real treasures. What we didn’t know though (and thanks God we’ve been “enlightened” just before our trip to Sri Lanka!) is the fact that there are some people whose products do not follow any kind of standard. No rule of “good fashion”, no classic pattern of perfection, no trend. These are the people that create as they heart and inspiration tells them. And only then we have some real master pieces! And what do you know, we also have a fashion designer based in Cluj who took it into her head to create a completely different collection. Unconventional textures (who would have thought a handbag can be made from wood and metal and leather, at the same time?!), different models (what’s fancier that wearing a funny cube on your shoulder?!), colors and patterns which are completely out of the common run πŸ™‚ And how can you not be proud to take all the creations ofΒ Alexandra GheorghicaΒ to the end of the world and back? So that the whole world can know what beautiful and motivational people we have in our country! You can findΒ L E X AΒ on theΒ officialΒ website, onΒ Facebook and onΒ Instagram πŸ™‚Β 

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