South Korea seen from the sky

RO: Nu mai avem rabdare sa ne intoarcem acasa ca sa pregatim articolele din Coreea de Sud, asa ca spunem rapid doua trei cuvinte despre locurile frumoase pe care le-am vazut pana acum si postam si cele cateva poze facute cu noua jucarie DJI Spark, de care suntem cum nu se poate mai incantati! Coreea e senzationala, ne-a depasit asteptarile si continua sa ne surprinda! Seul este un mix atat de interesant si intrigant de nou si vechi, incepand de la combinatia de hanok-uri traditionale, vechi de cand lumea, si zgarie norii sticlosi care impanzesc orasul, pana la mancarurile locale, picante de-ti sare inima din loc, in antiteza cu influentele americane, Mc-uri si Starbucks-uri la orice colt de strada 🙂 Temple si palate langa ambasade moderne, localnici imbracati in hanbok, hainele traditionale, la un loc cu corporatistii in costume negre trase la indigo. Busan, pe de alta parte, pare mai relaxat, mai boem si mai hipsteresc, desi ritmul de dezvoltare e ametitor de accelerat. Pana la urma nu degeaba se vorbeste in Coreea despre o “deseulizare” a natiunii, incercand sa migreze industriile si companiile si catre alte orase ale tarii, nu doar in capitala. Iar Jeju, chiar daca este marketizat excesiv (si pe alocuri exagerat) ca fiind Hawaii-ul din Est, are cateva locuri cu adevarat impresionante. Unde mai vezi roci negre vulcanice, la un loc cu un nisip fin si alb si ape turcoaz? 🙂 Vom reveni cu detaliile despre fiecare dintre locurile vazute, despre problemele intampinate si lucrurile care ne-au impresionat in vacanta aceasta, insa pana atunci lasam cateva dovezi colorate, vazute prin ochii lui Sparky 🙂

EN: We simply can’t wait to return back home and start working on the article about South Korea, so we’ll now say a few words about the beautiful places we’ve seen so far and post a couple of pictures taken with our new toy, DJI Spark, that brought us so much joy in this trip! Korea is impressive, it totally exceeded our expectations and continues to amaze us! Seoul is an interesting and intriguing mix of old and new, starting from the combination of old traditional wooden hanoks and the glassy sky scrapers that pack the city, to the extremely spicy local foods vs the American influences, with Mc Donald’s and Starbucks at every corner of the street. Temples and palaces close to modern embassies, locals wearing hanboks (traditional Korean clothing) next to corporate people in the same black suit. Busan, on the other hand, seems a bit more relaxed, bohemian and hipsterish, even though it develops in an accelerated rhythm. In the end, that explains why the Koreans speak about a “de-seoulization”, trying to migrate the industries and companies towards other cities of the country as well. And Jeju, even though it might be wrongly advertised (and sometimes exaggerated) as the Hawaii of the East, has some pretty impressive places. Where else in the world one can see black volcanic rocks, along with white sand and turquoise waters? We’ll come back with more details about the places we’ve seen, the problems we’ve faced and the things that impressed us in this trip, but until then we’ll leave some colorful pictures here, seen through the eyes of Sparky 🙂

Gamcheon Cultural Village – Busan 


Jeju Island – Hyeopjae Beach


Yonggungsa Temple – Busan


Yonggungsa Temple – Busan 


jeju Island – Jungmun – Cheonjeyeon Falls 


Jeju Island – Gimnyeong Beach


Jeju Island – Jungmun Basalt Cliffs 


Busan – Haeundae Beach


Busan – Haeundae Beach


Busan – Haeundae Beach


Seoul – Namsangol Hanok Village 


Jeju Island – Jungmun Beach


Jeju Island – Jungmun Beach


Jeju Island – Jeju Maze 

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