Tripsylvania Tiny House

RO: Uneori avem gresita impresie ca daca nu parasim Romania, nu calatorim. Si ca orice mica excursie in interiorul tarii nu se contorizeaza drept calatorie πŸ™‚ Insa o facem fara sa realizam, pentru ca simtim nevoia sa schimbam peisajul, sa mai vedem si altceva, sa mai simtim si alta clima, alta mancare, alta atmosfera. Astfel ca pret de doua luni (sau poate au fost trei) am preferat sa stam mai mult in Bucuresti, fara sa ne mai aventuram nici macar in excursii de weekend prin tara. E drept ca a fost si o perioada foarte aglomerata pentru noi, cu multe de facut, mult de lucru si multa oboseala, asa ca pur si simplu nu mai eram in stare sa facem nimic. Prin urmare, nici nu am simtit cand a trecut tot acest timp. 

EN: Sometimes we have the wrong impression that if we do not leave Romania, we do not travel. And that a short trip in our country is not counted as a journey πŸ™‚ But we do it without realizing it, because we feel the need to change the scenery a bit, to see something else, to feel a different climate, some different food and atmosphere. So for two months (or maybe there were three) we preferred to stay in Bucharest, without even venturing on weekend trips around the country. It’s true that it was a very busy period for us, with a lot of things to do, a lot of work and a lot of tiredness, so in the end, we just weren’t able to do anything. Therefore, I did not even feel when all this time had passed.

RO: Dar printre picaturi am conturat un mic traseu de vacanta pentru martie, fara sa ne punem prea multe sperante ca se va concretiza. Cum ultimele plecari mai lungi au fost mai mereu amanate sau anulate (in principal din cauza pandemiei), nu am vrut sa ne agatam deloc de vreun plan bine definit, ca apoi sa fim din nou dezamagiti. Inse pusesem pe hartie un mic itinerariu, avand ca highlight Oradea. De trei ori am incercat sa ajungem in Oradea in acest an, parca nici acum nu ne vine sa credem ca urmeaza sa se intample intr-adevar πŸ™‚ Insa pentru ca este un drum mult prea lung pentru noi, cu Alexei, am decis sa impartim drumul in 3 bucati: prima zi am oprit la Sirnea (un satuc langa faimoasele Pestera si Magura), apoi o noapte la Cluj si abia in a treia zi Oradea.

EN: But we eventually made a small itinerary for a vacation in March, without putting too much hope that it will materialize. As most of our travel plans have been cancelled or delayed lately (mainly due to the pandemic), we didn’t want to stick to a well-defined plan at all, only to be disappointed again. But we outlined a small itinerary, having Oradea as the highlight of the trip. This year we tried to visit Oradea three times so we couldn’t believe it that we were finally going to see it πŸ™‚ But because it’s a very long roadtrip for us, having Alexei, we decided to share the road in 3: the first day we stopped at Sirnea (a village near the famous Pestera and Magura villages), then we spent one night in Cluj and we reached Oradea in the third day.

RO: Dar in articolul acesta vom vorbi despre Sirnea doar, unde am gasit o cazare adorabil de draguta si unde ne-am simtit extrem de bine. Este vorba de Tripsylvania Tiny House si este, exact asa cum ii spune si numele, o casuta mica, mica, mica πŸ™‚ De cand il avem pe Alexei ne orientam in general dupa cazari mari, spatioase, doar ca sa avem loc pentru toate nastrusniciile si jocurile lui Alexei, insa de data aceasta am zis ca putem incerca o noapte si intr-un tiny house πŸ™‚ Ultima oara cand am petrecut un weekend intr-o casuta similara (dar mult mai putin confortabila) a fost in Olanda, pe vremea cand eram doar noi doi, cand am mers intr-o ferma foarte draguta si am stat cazati intr-o mica rulota. Aceea era intr-adevar o casuta minuscula, minuscula, β€œmare” cat patul nostru actual de acasa. Dar a fost atat de draguta atmosfera, incat am zis ca putem incerca sa mergem si cu Alexei πŸ™‚ Am ales insa o singura noapte, nu doua, nestiind la ce sa ne asteptam.

EN: But in this article we will only talk about Sirnea, where we found an adorable accommodation and where we felt really nice. This is Tripsylvania Tiny House and exactly as the name indicates, it is a tiny, tiny, tiny house πŸ™‚ Ever since we have Alexei we usually look for bigger accommodations, just to have plenty of space for all the toys we bring for him when we travel, but this time we wanted to try one night in a tiny house πŸ™‚ Last time when we spent a weekend in a similar place (but way less comfortable) was in The Netherlands, when we didn’t have Alexei yet and we visited a beautiful farm and stayed in a tiny caravan over the night. That was indeed a really tiny house, “big” as our bed at home. But the atmosphere was so nice that we finally decided to go with Alexei as well πŸ™‚ But we have chosen only one night, not knowing what to expect.

RO: Tripsylvania Tiny House nu este chiar o casuta minuscula. Este micuta, intr-adevar, dar are suficient spatiu cat sa aiba si un living, si un loc de luat masa pentru doua persoane, o baie (neasteptat de generoasa ca spatiu), o scara interioara si un pat la etaj (etajul de fapt este doar patul). Si un geam urias, urias, prin care se poate vedea privelistea muntilor Piatra Craiului. Si o terasa frumoasa cu pufuri, pe care nu am putut sa o folosim din pacate, din cauza frigului. Siiiii o mini piscinuca! Un ciubar mai exact (cu ocazia lor am aflat si noi, si Alexei, de aceasta denumire :D) pe care de asemenea nu am apucat sa o folosim, mai mult din cauza mea, fiindu-mi frica sa nu impacteze cumva sarcina o baie calda in plin frig (poate ca sunt prea precauta). Daca am fi dorit sa il folosim, aveam acolo tot ce ne trebuie (papuci antiderapanti, halate pufoase si prosoape).Β 

EN: Tripsylvania Tiny House is not quite tiny. It is small indeed, but it has plenty of space for a small living, a place for dining for two persons, a bathroom (very generous as space, totally unexpected), interior stairs and a bed at the top floor (actually the second floor is just the bed). And a huge window, absolutely huge, where we could see the view of the Piatra Craiului mountains. And a beautiful terrace with chairs, which unfortunately we couldn’t use because of the cold. Aaaaaand a tiny pool! Actually a wooden wash tub that we also didn’t use more because of me, as I was afraid that I might impact the pregnancy with a bath in such a cold (maybe I was too cautious). But if we would have wanted to use it, we had there everything we needed (slippers, puffy bath wraps and towels).

RO: Am ajuns sambata dimineata la casuta si totul era acoperit de zapada, inclusiv drumul catre cabanuta. Gazdele ne-au sfatuit sa lasam masina la inceputul drumului care urca spre cabana si sa mergem pe jos 2 minute. Nu a fost nevoie sa caram bagaje, ne-au ajutat ei cu un ATV. Ulterior insa ne-am dat seama ca am putea sa ne incumetam sa urcam drumul cu masina, fiind cu o masina 4×4, ceea ce am si facut, fara probleme si cu putin ghidaj. Problema drumului e mai degraba faptul ca e ingust si abrupt, si daca nu mai este o persoana care sa ghideze soferul foarte bine, poate aluneca. Este insa un drum pietruit, teoretic ar trebui sa poata fi urcat de orice masina 4×4. Insa pentru cei care nu se incumeta, locul oficial de parcare este la inceputul acestui drum, care este tot in proprietatea celor de la Tripsylvania Tiny House.Β 

EN: we arrived on Saturday morning at the tiny house and everything was covered in snow, including the road to the house. Our hosts advised us to leave the car at the beginning of this dirt road and walk 2 minutes to get to the house. It was not necessary to carry the luggage as they helped us with an ATV. But then we realized that we could drive on that road, having a 4×4 car, which we actually did, without having any problems but being guided by our hosts. The problem with this road is the fact that it is very steep and narrow and if there is no second person to guide the driver very well, it can slip. But other that that it is a road covered with pebbles so normally it should be ok for any 4×4 car. But for those who to do not dare to go with the car closer to the house, the official parking lot is at the beginning of this road, which belongs to Tripsylvania Tiny House as well.

RO: Madalina si Mihnea, proprietarii, ne-au povestit ca au pornit acest mic business in ianuarie abia (casuta e nou nouta) dar ca au avut un succes fantastic, probabil datorita conceptului de tiny house. Astfel ca pana in octombrie sunt fully booked, inclusiv in timpul saptamanii. Ne-am bucurat nespus ca am reusit sa gasim rezervare la ei (ce-i drept am vorbit chiar prin ianuarie). Insa urmeaza sa mai deschida un tiny house curand, pe aceeasi proprietate imensa, un pic diferita de aceasta πŸ™‚ Abia asteptam! Ideea lor a fost sa construiasca o casuta mica dar foarte confortabila, si chiar daca initial parea imposibil sa faca… baie spre exemplu, in final au reusit sa integreze tot ce este necesar intr-un spatiu asa mic. Inclusiv o baie mare, neasteptat de mare pentru dimensiunile casutei πŸ™‚Β 

EN: Madalina and Mihnea, the owners, told us how they started this business in January (the house is brand new) and that they already have a lot of success with it, probably thanks to the tiny house concept. Thus, they are fully booked until October, including during week time. We were so happy that we found a weekend at their place (we actually booked in January for March :D). And they will open a new tiny house soon, on the same huge property, a bit different than this one πŸ™‚ We can’t wait to see it! Their idea was to build a small but very comfortable house, even though at the beginning it seemed almost impossible to make a… bathroom for instance. But in the end they managed to integrate everything that was necessary in such a small space. Including a big bathroom, unexpectedly big for the dimensions of the house πŸ™‚

RO: Singurul lucru care ii lipseste (remarcat de noi, parinti cu copil mic) este o mica bucatarioara sau un spatiu mic de gatit sau depozitat mancarea. Insa este un lucru asumat, stiam de la bun inceput ca locul acesta nu este neaparat baby friendly, ci mai degraba destinat cuplurilor, un loc romantic si linistit. Dar inainte de a veni am discutat pe mail, le-am povestit ca vom veni cu un copilas mic care are nevoie de mancare sanatoasa si proaspata si am intrebat cum putem proceda. Daca nu am fi avut niciun fel de varianta, am fi venit cu mancare deja gatita, conservata in borcane inchise ermetic (mai facem asta cand plecam in vacanta) si cu incalzitorul (da, cel folosit cand era Alexei bebelus). Dar slava cerului, nu a fost cazul πŸ™‚ Micul dejun este asigurat de cei de la cazare (casa gazdelor este in apropiere si se ocupa de tot, absolut tot, de bauturi, cafele, ceaiuri, mic dejun) si este… extrem de generos. Seara am completat un mic chestionar cu ce dorim sa mancam si sinceri sa fim, aveam de unde alege πŸ™‚ Oua preparate in fel si chip, legume, cereale porridge, cascaval, sunca, avocado, ceaiuri, croissant, paine, gem. Genul de mic dejun care tine o zi intreaga de foame πŸ™‚ Iar pentru celelalte mese, se poate face comanda la restaurantul din sat, iar gazdele merg sa o ridice si sa o aduca (au fost atat de draguti, incat nu ne-au lasat mancarea in caserole, ne-au aranjat-o in farfurii frumoase). Si in plus, inca de cand am ajuns ne-au asteptat cu bunatati facute in casa (biscuiti, prajiturele) , ceai cald, platou de branzeturi si nuci si suc de mere πŸ™‚ Asa ca mancarea a fost in final ultima noastra grija, ba dimpotriva chiar, am avut prea multa si prea gustoasa πŸ™‚Β 

EN: The only thing that was missing (at least for us, parents with a young child) was a small kitchen or a space where we could cook or store the food. But we knew this from the very beginning, and this place is not precisely a baby friendly place, it is more appropriate for couples, being such a romantic and tranquil place. But before coming here we talked with them via email, we told them that we will visit them with a young baby that needs healthy and fresh food and we asked them what can we do. If we wouldn’t have had any other option, we would have probably come with some home cooked food, stored in air locked jars (we usually do that when we go on vacation) and with our heater (yup, the one we’ve been using ever since Alexei was a baby). But luckily, this was not needed πŸ™‚ Breakfast is served at the house (the hosts leave nearby and they handle absolutely everything – drinks, coffees, teas, breakfast) and it is extremely generous. In the evening we filled a small questionnaire with what we prefer to eat and honestly, we had plenty to choose from πŸ™‚ All types of eggs, vegetables, porridge, cheese, ham, avocado, tea, croissant, bread, jam. That type of breakfast that keeps you full for the entire day πŸ™‚ And for the other meals, we could order from the restaurant in the village, and the hosts can pick it up for the guests (they’ve been so nice, they didn’t even let our food in casseroles but arranged them really nice in beautiful tableware). And besides, when we arrived at the house they waited us with homemade goodies (biscuits, cookies), hot tea, a plate of cheese and nuts and apple juice πŸ™‚ So the food was our least concern, actually on the contrary, we had too much of it πŸ™‚

RO: Cred ca pe langa casuta in sine, extrem de frumoasa si cocheta, ne-au placut gazdele foarte mult πŸ™‚ Extrem de primitori si buni, s-au gandit inclusiv la Alexei (desi as vrea sa repet ca locatia nu se vrea a fi neaparat potrivita pentru copii mici) si i-au pregatit jocuri, carti de colorat, creioane si puzzleuri πŸ™‚ Am venit si noi cu o cutie intreaga de activitati si carti pentru el de acasa, dar bineinteles ca nimic nu era la fel de interesant ca ceva nou, asa ca s-a jucat mai mult cu cele de la cazare πŸ™‚Β 

EN: I think that besides the house itself, which is really nice and fancy, we really liked the hosts πŸ™‚ They were so hospitable, they even thought about Alexei and prepared him games, coloring books, crayons and puzzles (even though I have to repeat that they are not saying that they are a baby friendly location). We also had a box full of activities and books for him brought from home but of course nothing was as interesting as something new, so he played with the new ones πŸ™‚

RO: A fost un weekend extrem de relaxant, in care nu am facut mare lucru. O plimbare scurta, multa mancare buna, ascultat muzica si citit (carti de copii, bineinteles :D). Am vazut un rasarit superb si probabil ca daca nu eram atat de extenuati am fi vazut si stelele (dar am adormit la 9 toti trei :D) si ne-am fi uitat apoi si la un Netflix. Daaaar somnul acela a fost perfect!Β Nu este nimic, dar absolut nimic care sa nu ne fi placut la β€œcasuta mica, mica” cum ii spune Alexei. A fost mult mai draguta decat speram, iar experienta mult mai placuta decat ne imaginam (desi stiam la ce sa me asteptam pentru ca ii urmarim indeaproape in social media si stiam exact cum este acolo). Singurul lucru care ne-a ingrijorat un pic (din prisma unor parinti putin cam speriati :D) a fost patul de sus, in care am dormit eu cu Alexei. Eram destul de panicati sa nu cada din pat, stiind ca Alexei are un somn destul de β€œzbuciumat”. Se misca in tot patul, se urca peste noi, cade din pat, tot tacamul. Dar am baricadat marginea cu perne si a fost totul in regula πŸ™‚Β 

EN: It was a very relaxing weekend, and we didn’t do much. A short walk, lot of good food, we listened to the music and read (children books of course :D). We’ve seen a gorgeous sunrise and if we wouldn’t have been so tired we would have probably seen the stars as well (but we fell asleep at 9PM the three of us :D) and then we would have watched a Netflix movie as well. But that sleep was just perfect! There’s absolutely nothing that we didn’t like at this tiny house. It was way better than we hoped and the experience was much more pleasant that we imagined (although we knew what to expect because we closely follow them on social media and we knew exactly how this place looks like). The only thing that worried us a bit (scared parents, we know it :D) was the bed from the second floor, where me and Alexei slept. We were a bit afraid that he might fall from the bed, knowing that he usually has a “fussy” sleep. But we covered the edge of the bed with pillows and everything was ok in the end πŸ™‚

RO: Continuam drumul cu oprire scurta la Cluj πŸ™‚ Nu intentionam sa ajungem la Cluj insa am realizat ca nu este fezabil sa facem intregul drum Sirnea-Oradea intr-o singura zi, asa ca am adaugat o mica oprire πŸ™‚ Masina noastra extrem de frumusica si cocheta cu care vom calatori in aceasta vacanta si pe care o vom testa in aceste doua saptamani este Volvo XC40, o adoram πŸ™‚ Ne pare cel mai frumusel si tineresc Volvo (desi hm… si noul C40 este bestial :D)

EN: We will continue our road trip with a short stopover at Cluj πŸ™‚ We did not intend to reach Cluj but in the end we realized that i was not feasible to drive all the way from Sirnea to Oradea in only one day so we added a short stopover πŸ™‚ Our car extremely nice car that we will travel with during this trip is a Volvo XC40 and we love it πŸ™‚ It seems the nicest and the youngest Volvo model (although… the new C40 is also quite amazing :D).

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