Bucharest International Air Show 2017

RO: Ei bine, nici n-avea cum sa fie altfel decat fabulos show-ul aviatic de anul acesta de la BIAS πŸ™‚ Artificii, flare-uri, bombe la apus, MIG-uri si F16 in fortaj, Aeroclubul Romaniei ori Iacarii Acrobati in actiune. Nebunie totala de dimineata pana seara. Asa ca n-are rost sa dezbatem prea mult, lasam cateva dintre cele cateva sute de poze facute ieri, poate-poate va tentam pentru show-urile de la anu’. Sau pentru cel de la Campia Turzii de weekendul urmator πŸ™‚

EN: Oh well, we had no doubts that Bucharest International Air Show would be absolutely fabulous this year πŸ™‚ Fireworks, flares, bombs at sunset, MIGs and F16 with afterburners on, Romanian Air Club or the Aerobatic Yakers in action. Total madness from dawn till dusk. So there’s no reason to talk too much about it, we’re just leaving a couple of pictures taken yesterday, maybe these will tempt you to see the show next year. Or maybe the one from Campia Turzii, next weekend πŸ™‚Β 
BIAS 2017_1
BIAS 2017_14
BIAS 2017_11
BIAS 2017_7
BIAS 2017_12
BIAS 2017_15
BIAS 2017_3
BIAS 2017_5
BIAS 2017_2
BIAS 2017_8

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