RO: Bun, inainte de orice alt detaliu despre Hobbiton, incepem articolul cu o confesiune sincera. Si rusinoasa! Suntem probabil SINGURII, primii si ultimii dubiosi ai planetei care au ajuns la Hobbiton si n-au vazut in viata lor frantura de Stapan al Inelelor. Singurii dubiosi care nu stiau ce-i ala The Shire, cine-i Gandalf, cine-i Frodo, ce-i cu aratarea de Gollum sau care-i toata goana dupa inele. Dar uite ca-n mijloc de regiune Waikato, in insula de nord a Noii Zeelande, undeva aproape de Matamata, dam de tinutul hobitilor intr-un paradis ascuns printre dealuri si verdeata si… multe, tare multe oi pe mosia familiei Alexander. Care-i de altfel e in continuare o ferma de oi πŸ™‚ Gata, suntem in Middle Earth. Printre casute colorate, gradini perfecte, bauturi “hobitonesti” la Hanul Green Dragon, alei inguste ce se pierd printre dealuri ca parca pictate, pline de turme de oi, hainute pitice atarnate in fata caselor si tot soiul de detalii perfecte care sa completeze imaginea de dragalasenie absoluta. Ei bine… da, ne-a cam cuprins vraja mistica pe care s-a tot straduit regizorul Peter Jackson sa o reproduca. Si i-a cam reusit, n-avem ce zice.

EN: Ok, before saying any kind of details aboutΒ Hobbiton, we’re starting the article with an honest confession. A shameful one! We’re probably the only ones, the first and last weird people from this planet that have arrived to Hobbiton but have never seen a single part of The Lord of The Rings. The only ones that did not know what is The Shire, who’s Gandalf, who’s Frodo, what’s all the fuss with that Gollum creature or why is everyone running after the rings. But there we are, in the middle of Waikato region, in the northern island of New Zealand, somewhere close to Matamata, in the land of hobbits, in a Paradise hidden between hills and greenery and… lots, but lots of sheep on the Alexander family farm. Which is actually still a working farm πŸ™‚ There you go, we’re in the Middle Earth. Among colorful houses, perfect gardens, “hobbit-like” drinks at Green Dragon Inn, narrow alleys that get lost up on the full of sheep hills that looks as if they would be painted, tiny clothes hanging in front of the houses and all kind of perfect details to complete the cuteness overload image. Oh well… yup, we got the mystic spell that producer Peter Jackson tried to reproduce. And he actually kind of succeeded with that, there are definitely no two ways about it!
Hobbiton_New Zealand_1
Hobbiton_New Zealand_12
Hobbiton_New Zealand_15
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RO: A si apropo, platoul de filmare si casutele de hobiti initiale, folosite pentru Stapanul Inelelor, au fost initial distruse complet dupa terminarea filmarilor. Nici n-avea cum sa fie altfel, pentru ca toate casele erau construite din poliester si placaje. Asa ca ce sa vezi, cand a aparut si seria a doua, The Hobbit, a trebuit sa se reconstruiasca totul de la zero, exact asa cum fusese initial. De data aceasta din lemn, ciment si caramizi – slava cerului, a doua oara oamenii si-au invatat lectia si au pastrat platourile, la fix cat sa il transforme intr-una dintre cele mai ravnite atractii turistice din tara. Cat despre ditamai stejarul deasupra Bag End-ului, casuta lui Frodo, ei bine, ca ne place sau nu, este complet fals, facut din fibra de sticla, iar toate frunzele sunt bucatele de matase (aduse din tocmai din Taiwan), pictate si atasate manual πŸ˜€ In orice caz, reconstruit sau nu, fals sau nu, e incredibil cat efort s-a depus pentru crearea satului si cata atentie la detalii. Numai pentru ingrijirea gradinilor si a plantelor din Hobbiton e nevoie de sapte-opt gradinari. Care-s pe bune, nu falsi πŸ˜€ Si ei, si fructele si legumele cultivate πŸ˜€

EN: Oh and by the way, the entire movie set and hobbit houses that have been initially used for The Lord of The Rings, have been completely destroyed after the filming. It couldn’t actually be different, as all of the houses were built from plywood and polyester. But what do you know, the second series have appeared, The Hobbit, and everything had to be rebuilt from scratch, exactly as it used to be in the first movie. This time from wood, concrete and bricks – thanks God that this time people learned their lessons and kept the movie set and transformed it in one of the most renowned attractions in the country. As for that huge oak above the Bag End, Frodo’s house, oh well, like it or, that’s completely fake, made ofΒ fiber glass and all the leaves are pieces of silk (brought from Taiwan) manually painted and attached to the tree πŸ˜€ Anyway, rebuilt or not, fake or not, it’s simply incredible how much effort has been put in creating this village and what a huge attention to detail. Just for taking care of the gardens and plants from Hobbiton there are seven or eight gardeners needed. Real ones, not fake πŸ˜€ Both the gardeners and the fruits and vegetables grown by them πŸ˜€
Hobbiton_New Zealand_2
Hobbiton_New Zealand_Hobbit House_2
Hobbiton_New Zealand_Hobbit House_1
Hobbiton_New Zealand_Hobbit House_6
Hobbiton_New Zealand_Hobbit House_4
Hobbiton_New Zealand_Hobbit House_3
Hobbiton_New Zealand_Hobbit House_7
Hobbiton_New Zealand_Hobbit House_8
Hobbiton_New Zealand_Hobbit House_9
RO: Si heeeei, doar n-o sa uitam taman de hanul din The Shire, piesa de rezistenta a Hobbiton-ului! Nu de alta, dar si-acum ni se face pofta de un cidru de mere, o bere de ghimbir sau niste bere slaba de la Dragon Inn. Servita fix ca-n lumea hobbitilor, din butoaie rustice, apoi turnata-n cani largi, “hobbitonesti” πŸ™‚

EN: And heeeey. we can’t forget about the inn from The Shire, la piece de resistance from Hobbiton! And now we’re actually craving for some apple cider, a ginger beer or some ales from Dragon Inn. Served exactly as in the world of hobbits, from rustic barrels and then poured in large, hobbit-mugs πŸ™‚Β 
Hobbiton_Dragon Inn_1
Hobbiton_Dragon Inn_4.JPG
Hobbiton_Dragon Inn_3
Hobbiton_Dragon Inn_8
Hobbiton_Dragon Inn_5
Hobbiton_Dragon Inn_6
Hobbiton_Dragon Inn_7
Hobbiton_Dragon Inn_2
RO: Si da, poate ca insula nordica n-are acelasi farmec si aceleasi peisaje de carte postala ca cea sudica, dar are si ea punctele ei forte. Are Rotorua, cu toata cultura maora, plajele dementiale din preajma Auckland-ului, are traseul cel faimos de pe Tongariro si hei, are Hobbiton-ul, cel mai turistic punct al Noii Zeelande pan’ la urma! πŸ™‚ Si chiar daca nu te poti plimba in voie printre casutele de hobiti si totul merge pe repede-inainte in tururile organizate, ca de-abia apuci sa ai si tu un cadru mai de Doamne ajuta, chiar daca totul prea un pic cam prea aglomerat, scump si turistic (nici n-ar avea cum sa fie altfel,Β e poate cel mai turistic si mai cliseic lucru pe care il poti face in Noua Zeelanda), Hobbiton-ul tot trebuie vazut – chiar daca vei fi unul dintre cei mai bine de 300.000 de vizitatori pe an πŸ˜€ Si adevarul e ca te impresioneaza, chiar daca nu esti cine stie ce fan al trilogiei.

EN: And yes, maybe the northern island doesn’t have the same charm and same postcard landscapes as the southern one, but it also has its aces up the sleeve. It has Rotorua, with all the Maori culture, the gorgeous beaches around Auckland, the famous Tongariro tracj and heeey, it has Hobbiton, the most touristic point of New Zealand in the end πŸ™‚ And even if you can’t wander around the hobbit houses as one would wish and everything is on fast-forward in the organized tours – you can barely take a decent photo, and even though everything is way too crowded, expensive and touristic (it cannot be different, this is probably the most touristic thing you can do in New Zealand), Hobbiton still needs to be visited and seen. Even if you’ll probably be one of those 300.000 visitors per year πŸ˜€ And the truth is that this place is really impressive, even if you’re not quite a big fan of the trilogy.
Hobbiton_New Zealand_2 (2)
Hobbiton_New Zealand_3
Hobbiton_New Zealand_5
Hobbiton_New Zealand_4
Hobbiton_New Zealand_6
Hobbiton_New Zealand_8
Hobbiton_New Zealand_9
Hobbiton_New Zealand_10
Hobbiton_New Zealand_11
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