RO: Zilele trecute stateam noi si analizam cam care a fost progresul si parcursul blogului nostru si uite-asa am realizat ca de ceva vreme nu mai este pur si simplu o documentare a vacantelor. In primul si primul rand nu mai este doar al nostru. Avem guest posturi de la prieteni, colegi, de la oameni care ne urmaresc si pe care poate ca nu i-am cunoscut niciodata. Cel putin nu in viata reala, ca la cat vorbim pe mailuri, pare ca ne stim de-o viata! Iar mai nou, am pornit proiectul acesta de promovare a designerilor romani (#designeriromaniprinlume), pentru ca toata lumea sa stie ce oameni talentati avem in Romania!

EN: The other days we were just analyzing the progress of our travel blog and we soon realized that for some time this is no longer just a documentation of our trips. First of all, it is not just ours anymore. We have guest posts from our friends, from our colleagues, from people that follow us and maybe we have never met them. At least not in the real life, ’cause if you think about how much time we spend talking on emails, seems like we know each other for a lifetime! And recently, we have started this new project  for promoting the Romanian designers (#designeriromaniprinlume) so that anyone will know what talented people we have here in Romania!
Bookletta prinlume 4
RO: Asa ca surpriza, noroc cu Instagramul asta, c-am dat de Rusanda Cojocaru, o alta calatoare impatimita, exact asa cum ne place noua! Si nu numai ca are o pasiune pentru Africa si viziteaza an de an cate cel putin o tara africana, dar vorbeste asa de frumos despre locurile vazute si promoveaza tot ce inseamna cultura, locuri si gastronomie africana pe blogul ei, incat ti se face instant pofta sa iei un bilet de avion catre Kenya si sa te pierzi cateva zile-n Serengeti, sa vezi Big Five-ul. Sau pana-n Africa de Sud, sa vezi rapid Johannesburgul, Durbanul si de ce nu, inc-un safari in Kruger. Si cateva zile de surf in Senegal nu suna rau deloc, doar nu degeaba au ei cele mai cele plaje din vestul Africii. Si-apoi cand vezi pe lista Rusandei si Niger, si Burkina Faso, si Togo, si Cap Verde, si Benin, cum sa nu-ti faca pofta de-o vacanta in Africa?! Si pe langa pasiunea pentru calatorit, are un proiect cum nu se poate de frumos, prin care isi doreste sa promoveze cititul. Si ii reuseste de minune, pentru ca gentutele ei Bookletta sunt peste tot! Si-acum se putea sa nu plimbam si noi o Bookletta peste tot prinlume? 🙂 Ba bine ca nu! Asa ca incepem momentan cu Varsovia, insa sigur, sigur o s-o mai vedeti de-acum incolo prin pozele noastre 🙂 Si apropo, de v-am facut pofta de-o noua achizitie, gasiti minunile pe siteul oficial Bookletta. Ori pe contul lor de Facebook. Sau de Instagram 🙂

EN: So, thanks to Instagram, we discovered Rusanda Cojocaru, another addicted traveler, just as we like it! Not only that she has a real passion for Africa and she visits each year at least one African country, but she describes so beautifully anything related to the African culture, places and gastronomy on her travel blog, that you simply can’t help it to buy a ticket to Kenya and wander around for a couple of days in Serengeti, to see the Big Five 🙂 Or to South Africa, to see Johannesburg, Durban and why not, another safari in Kruger National Park. A couple of surfing days in Senegal is not a bad idea at all, no wonder that their beaches are renowned to be the best ones in West Africa! And when you see on Rusanda’s list places like Niger, Burkina Faso, Togo, Cabo Verde and Benin, how can you simply resist Africa?! And beside the traveling passion, Rusanda has a lovely project wherewith she wants to promote reading and culture. And it’s so successful, as you’ll find her Bookletta bags all over the place! So how could we not travel the world with a Bookletta?! We’re starting with Warsaw for the moment, but honestly, you will probably see it quite a lot in our pictures 🙂 And if the Bookletta bag looks appealing to you, you can find all those treasures on the official Bookletta website. Or on Facebook. Or Instagram 🙂

Bookletta prinlume 5
Strada din centrul vechi al Varsoviei
Bookletta prinlume 1
Zidul Barbicanului, Varsovia
Bookletta prinlume 8
Piata Castelului, Varsovia
Bookletta prinlume 2
Zidurile Barbicanului, Varsovia
Bookletta prinlume 3
Zidurile Barbicanului, Varsovia
Bookletta prinlume 10
Palatul Regal, Varsovia
Bookletta prinlume 13
Parcul Ogrod Krasinskich, Varsovia
Bookletta prinlume 9
Palatul Culturii si Stiintei, Varsovia
Bookletta prinlume 6
Orasul Vechi, Varsovia
Bookletta prinlume 12
Palatul Regal, Varsovia

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