Sophia 33

RO: Ei bine, Sophia este cea care a facut ca toata Islanda sa ne opreasca pe strazi si-n varf de munte sa ne intrebe cine, cand, unde si cum a facut minunile de pulovere colorate. Si cum si ei, islandezii, le cam au cu tricotatul, ca doar nu degeaba sunt faimosi pentru lopapeysa, puloverul clasic islandez cu motive circulare in jurul gatului, nici nu-i de mirare ca au vrut sa stie ce e cu asa competitie venita tocmai de pe meleaguri romanesti. Ei bine, competitia este Sophia33 si intre noi fie vorba, e unul dintre cei mai talentati designeri romani! Iar noi murim de dragul puloverelor ei tricotate manual, cu motive traditionale colorate de-ti iau ochii si ne mandrim ca putem spune povestea lor peste tot in lume. Ca doar ce e mai frumos decat sa pastrezi traditiile si sa promovezi folclorul romanesc? πŸ™‚ Si cand te gandesti ca fiecare bucatica de pulover e lucrataΒ manual, inclusiv nasturii facuti din lemn undeva prin Moldova, cum sa nu-ti fie mai mare dragul sa il porti? Pe Sophia o gasiti si pe Facebook, si pe Instagram si-n multe, tare multe poze din proiectul nostru #designeriromaniprinlume πŸ™‚

EN: Oh well,Β SophiaΒ is the one who made everyone in Iceland stop us on the streets or on top of the mountains Β to ask us when, where, howΒ and whoΒ created these colorful sweaters. And considering the fact that the Icelanders are pretty good at knitting, as they do have the famous lopapeysa, the Icelandic sweater with circular motifs around the neck, no wonder that they actually wanted to know what’s going on with all this competition that came from Romanian lands. Well, the competition isΒ Sophia33Β and between you and me, she’s one of the most talented Romanian designers! And her manually knitted sweaters are to die for, with all those colorful traditional motifs that simply catch your eye! And we are so proud that we can spread their story all around the world! What can be better than keeping your traditions and promoting the Romanian folklore? πŸ™‚ And when you think that each partΒ of the sweater is handmade, including those wooden buttons manually crafted somewhere in Moldova region, how can you not love wearing it? You can find Sophia onΒ Facebook, onΒ InstagramΒ and in many other pictures from ourΒ #designeriromaniprinlumeΒ project πŸ™‚Β 
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Lupine Fields Iceland
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Iceland Lava Fields
Iceland Kerid Crater
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Hotel Ranga Lupine Fields