RO: Am descoperit Papuceii pe Instagram πŸ™‚ Si de-atunci si pana azi, i-am plimbat mai peste tot in vacante πŸ™‚ Ba in Toscana cea plina de chiparosi si sate medievale, ba in Islanda cea friguroasa cu terenuri acoperite de lupini, ori lava, ori ghetari. Ba mai nou in Olanda, ca se potriveste la fix designul lor neconventionalΒ cu stilul mai iesit din tipare al olandezilor. Treaba sta in felul urmator cu acesti Papucei zurlii si amuzanti. Sunt facuti manual,Β sunt din piele, si au tot soiul de accesorii traznite si mai… sui πŸ™‚ Dar ca regula generala, pe langa aspectul diferit de tot ce inseamna lanturi de magazine clasiceΒ (apropo de asta, au o poza foarte amuzanta postata pe profilul lor de Instagram), sunt comozi de nu se poate. Adica numai buni pentru umblat ore intregi in excursii πŸ™‚ Si sunt de la Iasi, de la bunici de-acasa! Asa ca ziceti voi, cum sa nu ii includem noi in proiectul nostru #designeriromaniprinlume si cum sa nu ii purtam peste tot in plecarile noastre peste mari si tari? Si apropo, de vreti o noua achizitie “papuceasca”, gasiti toate modelele lor pe site-ul oficial, pe Facebook ori pe Instagram.

EN: We found Papucei on Instagram πŸ™‚ And up until now we have taken them everywhere in our holidays πŸ™‚ Either inΒ Tuscany, full of cypress tress and medieval villages, or in the chilly Island, full of lupine fields, or lava, or even glaciers. Or in The Netherlands, as their unconventional design fits perfectly the out of the common runΒ Dutch style. And here’s the thing with these funnyΒ Papucei. They are 100% handmade, made of leather and they have all kind ofΒ crazyΒ accessories πŸ™‚ But as a general rule, besides the different aspect, totally different than the normal chain-stores (by the way, they have a really funny picture posted on Instagram), they are extremely comfortable. So perfect for wandering around for hours in our trips πŸ™‚ And they are from Iasi, our grandparents hometown! So how could we not include them in our #designeriromaniprinlumeΒ (Romanian Designers Around the World) project, how could we not wear them all around the world? And by the way, if you fancy some new papucei (in Romania, especially in Moldova, papucei literally means slippers, but it’s a term that defines all shoes in general :D), you can find all their models on their official website,Β FacebookΒ page orΒ InstagramΒ account.Β