Latam Airlines: Madrid-Frankfurt

RO: N-am redescoperit roata, dar atat de entuziasmati suntem de zborul Madrid-Frankfurt (ori invers) cu Latam, ca parca nu ne lasa inima sa nu povestim doua vorbe despre el. Nu de alta, dar nu spunem niciodata nu unui zbor cu Dreamliner-ul, mai ales daca e ultimul model in functiune la ora actuala. Eeeei, asta pana o aparea 787-10-le, ca doar ce-a iesit din zborurile de test πŸ™‚ Si poate ca om tanji noi dupa long haul-ul ce vine taman din Santiago, de pe meleaguri chiliene, insa nu prea ne-ajunge weekendul sa facem un dus-intors pana in Chile πŸ™‚ Asa ca ne multumim cu bucatica Madrid-Frankfurt si spunem sarut-mana lumii aviatice ca au dat pe Pamant fifth freedom flights-urile. Adica dreptul unei companii aeriene de a transporta pasageri din tara de origine intr-o alta tara si de acolo in alta tara. Adica din zborul Santiago de Chile – Madrid – Frankfurt, zborul Madrid-Frankfurt este un fifth freedom flight. Iuhuuu, uite asa ajungem sa zburam si noi in Europa cu o companie sud americana πŸ™‚ Asta pana cand ni s-o pune pata (si mai rau!) si vom zbura in Insula Pastelui cu acelasi Lano-Tamo LATAM πŸ™‚Β 

EN: Not that we’ve rediscovered the wheel, but we’re so excited about the Madrid-Frankfurt (or the other way around) flight from Latam, that we simply can’t help talking about it. As we never say no to a Dreamliner, especially if we’re talking about the latest version at the moment. But hey, that’s only until the 787-10 will be officially released, as it has just been taken out of testings. And we’re probably longing for the flight that comes straight from Santiago, from Chilean lands, but we simply can’t fit a return flight to Chile in only one weekend πŸ˜€ So we’re only flying the Madrid-Frankfurt segment and we’re thanking the world for giving the fifth fredoom flights. Which means the right to carry passengers from the airline’s own country to a second country, and from that country to a third country. In the Santiago de Chile – Madrid – Frankfurt, Madrid-Frankfurt is a fifth freedom flight. Yoohoo so we’re flying in Europe with a South American company! And that’s only until we’ll finally decide to fly to Easter Island with the same Lamo-Tamo Latam πŸ™‚
Madrid Airport_1
Latam Airlines_Madrid_1
Otopeni Airport
SPotting at Madrid Airport_4
Madrid Airport_2
SPotting at Madrid Airport
SPotting at Madrid Airport_2
RO: Si-acum cireasa de pe tort e faptul ca pretul pentru segmentul Madrid-Frankfurt, la business, e un picut peste 100 euro πŸ™‚ Si tadaaa, este inclus accesul in business lounge-ul Velasquez din terminalul T4S. O fi el Lounge-ul Maple Leaf al Air Canada din Frankfurt (pe care il foloseste si LATAM) bine pus la punct, insa nu poate concura cu cel al madrilenilor πŸ™‚ Si-acum sigur o sa parem ciudatii ciudatilor cand vom spune ca am stat sapte ore in Madrid doar ca sa mergem la un airplane spotting “la tunel” si ca sa vedem lounge-ul Velasquez al Iberiei – lounge care poate fi folosit de catre toti pasagerii business class ai companiilor membre ale aliantei One World.Β 

EN: And now the cherry on top is the fact that the price for the Madrid-Frankfurt segment, business class, is just a little bit above 100 euros πŸ™‚ And tadaaaa, access to the Velasquez Business Lounge from T4S terminal is included. And maybe Air Canada’s Maple Leaf Lounge is a very good one inΒ Frankfurt airport (this is also used by Latam), but it cannot compete with the ones given by los madrillenos πŸ™‚ We’ll probably seem the weirdest of them all if we’ll say that we’ve spent seven hours in Madrid just for a short airplane spotting session “at the tunnel” and see the Iberia’s Velasquez lounge – that can be used by all business class passengers of the companies members of the One World alliance.
Velasquez Business Lounge Madrid_T4S Terminal_1
Velasquez Business Lounge Madrid_T4S Terminal_2
Velasquez Business Lounge Madrid_T4S Terminal_6
Velasquez Business Lounge Madrid_T4S Terminal_7
Velasquez Business Lounge Madrid_T4S Terminal_8
Velasquez Business Lounge Madrid_T4S Terminal_4
Velasquez Business Lounge Madrid_T4S Terminal_3
Velasquez Business Lounge Madrid_T4S Terminal_5
RO: Sunt atat de multe articole si recenzii despre zborul acesta, ca n-are rost sa intram prea mult in detalii. Cert e ca pentru pasionatii (aka obsedatii :D) de avioane si petrecut ore intregi prin aeroporturi, e o varianta interesanta, macar de dragul Dreamliner-ului si al companiei sud americane. Ca doar unde mai zbori intre doua destinatii europene cu o companie chileana? πŸ™‚ Ei dar nu-i zborul Latam singurul fifth freedom flight din Europa! Mai sunt o multime de companii “exotice” care ofera zboruri intre destinatii europene. Ba Air China intre Atena si Muchen, baΒ Ethiopian intre Viena si Stockholm sau Korean Air intre Viena si Zurich. Nu au toate oferte atat de bune pe segmentul business, insa merg adaugate in palmaresul de zboruri doar pentru experienta in sine πŸ™‚Β 

EN: There are so many articles and reviews about this flight, it doesn’t even make sense to get into too many details about it. The thing is that for the passionate (aka obsessed) aviation geeks, this might be an interesting option to travel between Madrid and Frankfurt, at least for the sake of the Dreamliner and the South American airplane company. Where else in Europe can you fly between two European destinations with a Chilean company? πŸ™‚ But hey, Latam is not the only one that offers fifth freedom flights in Europe! There are lots of “exotic” companies that offer this kind of flight. There we have Air China, with its flight betweenΒ Athens and Munchen, Ethiopian between Wien and Stockholm or Korean Air between Wien and Zurich. Not all of them have such good prices for the business class segment, but they are worth flying, at least for the sake of the experience itself πŸ™‚

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Latam Airlines_Madrid_3
Latam Airlines_Business Class_6 (2)
Latam Airlines_Business Class_2
Latam Airlines_Business Class_7
Latam Airlines_Business Class_9
Latam Airlines_Business Class_8
Latam Airlines_Business Class_4
Latam Airlines_Business Class_1
Latam Airlines_Business Class_6

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