Paste Fericit!

RO: Stiti ce va dorim de Paste? S-aveti multaaaaa liniste si multa, multa vreme petrecuta alaturi de cei dragi voua! Ca doar orice sarbatoare se petrece in familion, nu-i asa? πŸ™‚ Sa ne ascultam tatii zicandu-ne povesti de la revolutie (ca-n absolut orice an :P), sa ne aminteasca mamele boacanele pe care le faceam in copilarie, sa mancam salata boeuf pana la refuz, si miel si drob si pasca delicioasa, plina de branza si stafide, sa ne ciondanim cu fratii care iaaaaar au ales cele mai puternice oua din cos, la fix cat sa le confiste pe toate celelalte. S-avem cu totii cateva zile de relaxare si sa ne bucuram de masa copioasa pregatita de parinti πŸ™‚ Paste Fericit, Hristos a Inviat!

EN: What shall we wish you for Easter? We wish you joy and tranquility and lots, but lots of nice moments spent with your dear ones! As every holiday is spent with the family, right? πŸ™‚ And we should listen to our fathers telling us stories from the revolution (like every single year :p), or our mothers remembering us about the troubles we were doing in childhood, to eat boeuf salad until we simply can’t eat anymore, and lamb and delicious pie, full of cheese and raisins, to knock Easter eggs with our brothers that have chosen agaaaaain the strongest eggs from the basket so that they can confiscate all the rest. Let’s have some relaxing days and enjoy the meals prepared by our parents πŸ™‚ Happy Easter!

Livada cu Rochii
Livada cu Rochii_5
Livada cu Rochii_6
Livada cu Rochii_2
Livada cu Rochii_7
Livada cu Rochii_22
Livada cu Rochii_15
Livada cu Rochii_21
Livada cu Rochii_20
Livada cu Rochii_9
Livada cu Rochii_3
Livada cu Rochii_4
Livada cu Rochii_1
Livada cu Rochii_13
Livada cu Rochii_8

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