#yvybags in Germany

RO: Pai pai pai. Tot o tinem una si buna cu satele nemtesti, ba cu Bavaria cea care se vrea independenta si complet diferita de restul Germaniei (si hai sa-i dam Cezarului ce-i al Cezarului, chiar e diferita!), ba cu Saxonia cea nordica si plata, dar plina de case din barne de lemn. Ba spunem ca vrem sa facem drumul romantic, cap-coada, ba pe cel al caselor de lemn (Timber Frame Road), de parc-ar fi la ordinea zilei sa bati 3000 de kilometri de la nord la sud. Apoi ni se pune pata pe drumul castelelor, sa pozam un Neuschwanstein de la distanta, sa intram in Sigmaringen sau sa bem o bere pe terasa la Hohenzollern. Si nu in ultimul rand, de parca n-ar fi suficiente toate drumurile tematice din Germania, mai facem rost si de un strop de “toscaneala” (ca doar cat sa reziste omu’ fara un vin rosu, chiar de n-o fi el Chianti :D), pe ruta vinurilor nemtesti.  Si daca tot ni s-a nazarit weekendurile trecute sa batem in lung si-n lat Saxonia cea colorata si plina de case din barne de lemn, era musai sa mai descoperim si un nou designer roman. La fel de colorat si fotogenic ca satucele nemtesti 🙂 Si numai bine am dat de Yvy Bags si de toate gentutele lor ingenioase, cu barete late si accesorizate 🙂 Si-avem pretextul perfect cu innoitul de Paste, la fix cat sa mai facem inc-o achizitie 😛

EN: Well. Well. Well. We keep insisting with the German villages, either with Bavaria which considers itself independent and completely different from the rest of the country (and let’s face it, it really is different!), either with the northern and flat Saxony, full of half timber frame houses. We either want to see the romantic road, from tip to toe, or the Timber Frame Road, as if it would be completely normal to drive 3000 km from north to south 🙂 Then we want to see the castle road, to photograph the Neuschwanstein Castle at a distance, to enter the Sigmaringen Castle or to have a beer on the terrace at Hohenzollern. And not lastly, as if we wouldn’t have enough theme roads in Germany, we want to add a bit of Tuscany (how much can one resist without red wine, even if it’s not Chianti?:D), on the wine road. And if we’ve wandered the colorful Lower Saxony a couple of weekends ago, it was mandatory to find another Romanian fashion designer. Equally colorful and photogenic as the German villages 🙂 Luckily, we found Yvy Bags and all their ingenious handbags, with wide straps and lots of accessories 🙂 We have the perfect reason to make a new acquisition, now that the Easter is coming 😛
Yvy Bags_7
Yvy Bags_3
Yvy Bags_19
Yvy Bags_21
Yvy Bags_20
Yvy Bags_17
Yvy Bags_18
Yvy Bags_2
Yvy Bags_5
Yvy Bags_13
Yvy Bags_4

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