#nicoletaobis in Vatra Dornei

RO: Uite atatica, atatica doar mai aveam si ajungeam si-n Maramures, ca doar e la o aruncatura de bat de Tinutul Dornelor! Dar nici de data asta nu a fost sa fie, de parca ne zicea Maramu’ de departe sa venim la vara, sa ne dam cu mocanita si sa ne plimbam prin satele autentice, sa vedem bisericile traditionale din lemn, sa dam o fuga pana-n Baia Mare si pe urma si-n Sapanta, pe la Cimitirul Vesel, sa pozam portile maramuresene si sa ne aventuram in expeditii-n muntii Rodnei. Asa ca daca nu reusim neam saΒ trecem Prislopul, macar s-aducem un pic de spirit maramuresean in mijlocul Bucovinei! Si fortam nota si ne dam cu mocanita de la Hutulca, doar-doar ni s-o parea ca suntem pe meleaguri maramuresene! Si ca sa fie treaba treaba, purtam si straie maramuresene! Si n-om avea noi catrinte, nici sumane, nici pieptare, nici naframe prinse-n par, dar noroc c-am dat de cele mai calduroaseΒ veste blanoase cat sa ne-ajute sa trecem peste iarna asta cu sapte cojoace! Iar Nicoleta Obis e un ajutor de cinste cand vine vorba de hainute traditionale taman din varful tarii, de-acolo de unde prindem harta-n cui, in Maramures! Iar de n-o stiti inca pe Nicoleta si colectiile ei minunata, 100% romanesti, o gasiti pe site-ul oficial, pe Facebook ori pe Instagram πŸ™‚

EN: Oh well, we’ve been only THAT close to get to Maramures, as this is just within a stone’s throw from Vatra Dornei! But what do you know, this did not happen, as if Maramu’ would tell us from far away that we should come during summertime, to take a ride with the narrow gauge railway, to wander the authentic villages, to see the traditional wooden churches, to visit Baia Mare and after that Sapanta, the merry cemetery, to photograph the monumental Maramures gates and to dare to go on some expeditions on Rodnei Mountains. Sooo, f we’re not going to cross the Prislop Pass, at least to bring some charm from Maramures in the middle of Bukovina! And we’re going to Hutulca narrow gauge line, so that we can feel closer to the lands of Maramures! And guess what, we’re wearing traditional clothing! Maybe we do not have those traditional skirts (RO: catrinte), not even the traditional coats, we did not wimple our heads with the local kerchiefs, but hey, luckily we found the warmest waistcoats in the world that will help us go through this harsh winter! And Nicoleta Obis is the perfect person when it comes to traditional clothing from the northern part of the country, from Maramures! And if you don’t know her yet, you can find her gorgeous collections, 100% traditional Romanian, you can find her on the official website, on Facebook or Instagram πŸ™‚
R_Nicoleta Obis_Vatra Dorne8.JPG
R_Nicoleta Obis_Vatra Dorne7.JPG
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R_Nicoleta Obis_Vatra Dorne3.JPG
R_Nicoleta Obis_Vatra Dorne1.JPG
R_Nicoleta Obis_Vatra Dorne4.JPG

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