Iarna in Bucuresti

RO: Oaaaa, atata ne-am plans ca n-avem zapada acasa, ca ne-am dus taman in nordul tarii sa vedem iarna pe ulita. Si cum ne-am intors, s-a pornit potopul alb si-n Bucuresti. Na poftim potrivire! Asa c-am pus trei straturi de pulovere si nadragi pe noi si ne-am incumetat sa iesim din casa pe gerul Bobotezei. Si ce poate fi mai placut in toiul iernii ca scartaitul zapezii sub talpa, trantele luate pe neasteptate, scuturatul crengilor pline de zapada pufoasa sau promoroaca de pe case si pe masini in toiul diminetii? Sa tot fie iarna asa!

EN: Woooaaaaa, we wanted so much to have a bit of snow at home, that we decided to go straight to the northern part of the country, to see the real winter. And since we came back, the snowfall started in Bucharest as well. Now that’s what we call a perfect match! So we added a couple of layers of sweaters and trousers and we dared to go out of the house on this damn freezing cold weather. And what can be nicer in the middle of winter than the squeaking of the snow under our soles, the unexpected tumbles, shaking the branches of the trees, all full of puffy snow, or the early in the morning hoarfrost from our houses and cars? So let it be winter! 

Winter Coat: Roxana Ciuchilan


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