#editalupea in Olanda

RO: Ca sa fim cat se poate de sinceri, ne e un dor de Japonia de ne apuca pandaliile. Orice am face si cu oricine am vorbi, ajungem in final sa deschidem subiectul Japonia si vrand-nevrand ne facem iarasi planuri, trasee, idei, iar plangem dupa dormit intr-un ryokan, dupa mancat un sushi proaspat si baut un matcha latte in fiecare dimineata. Ni se face pofta de vazut culorile de toamna, ca tot e plin sezon perioada aceasta si rasfoim zi de zi japan-guide-ul sa vedem cum sta treaba cu acest koyo, corespondentul tomnatic al sakurei de primavara πŸ™‚

EN: To be completely honest, we miss Japan so much that we’ll probably soon go crazy. No matter what we do or to whom we speak to, we end up running nineteen to the dozen about Japan, and like it or not, we start planning and making itineraries all over again, and in the end we’re dying for a ryokan experience, a fresh sushi and some matcha latte each and every single morning. We’re longing to see the autumn foliage and now it is actually that time of the year and we’re browsing every day through the japan-guide so that we can see what is going on with this koyo, the autumnal equivalent of the vernal sakura.Β  Edita Lupea at Castle de haar 3.jpg
RO: Si da, copacii ginkgo sunt deja galbeni si colorati, artarii inca-s verzi si parca nici nu indraznim sa dam un Google search sa vedem cum arata arcada de copaci ginkgo galbeni-portocalii din Tokyo, din apropiere de templul Meiji. Si apropo, ca tot vorbim de tuneluri renumite, tot in Japonia este si o minune de tunel de flori movulii, in orasul Kitakyushu. L-am pus pe lista pentru cand vom ajunge data viitoare. Dar dupa cum spuneam, iar ne-am intins la vorba, cand noi de fapt si drept voiam sa facem doar o scurta introducere despre Japonia si despre sakura cea primavaratica, cu florile de cires, cu hainele traditionale si cultura lor atat de interesanta si diferita, ca sa putem lega intr-un mod cat mai frumos povestea noului designer roman descoperit de noi πŸ™‚ Pentru ca modelele de geci kimono din ultima colectie a Editei sunt pur si simplu dementiale, incepand cu tiparele de kimono japonez pana la imprimeurile digitale cu flori rozalii. Pai da, sa purtam flori de cires in fiecare zi in iarna asta πŸ™‚

EN: And yes, the ginkgo trees are already yellow and colorful, the maple trees are still green and we’re barely searching on Google to see the orange-yellow gingko trees arcade from Tokyo, close to Meiji Shrine. And by the way, if we’re still talking about famous tunnels, there’s another one in Japan, full of purple flowers, somewhere in the city ofΒ Kitakyushu. It’s on our list for our next visit to Japan. But as we were saying, we talked a mile a minute about Japan, when in fact we just wanted to make a short introduction about it and the vernal sakura, with its cherry flowers, traditional garments and the so interesting and different culture, so that we can nicely correlate it with the story of our newly discovered Romanian fashion designer πŸ™‚ Because the kimono coats from the latest collection of Edita Lupea are simply to die for, starting with the Japanese kimono patterns and the digital prints with the pinkish flowers. Oh well, we should wear cherry flowers all winter long this year!Β 
RO: Da, ce-i drept, vorbim despre Japonia cand pozele-s facute in Olanda, insa intr-un fel sau altul, Edita Lupea si colectiile ei par scoase fix din peisajul olandez πŸ™‚ Modele avangardiste, taieturi indraznete, culori sobre, fix cum le place olandezilor! Deci ce mod mai potrivit sa pui in aceeasi oala si Olanda si Japonia? Gluma-i gluma, dar am luat-o razna cu tot ce inseamna gecile facute de Edita si ne bucuram tare mult ca am descoperit-o pe site-ul Band of Creators. Asa ca ducem si mai departe proiectul #designeriromaniprinlume si marim lista de romani talentati ale caror creatii frumoase si deosebite le plimbam peste tot prin lume! Pai nu asta ne e datoria noastra, de romani, sa promovam in fel si chip tara noastra oriunde ajungem? πŸ™‚

EN: It is true that we’re talking about Japan when in fact the pictures are taken in The Netherlands, but in one way or another, Edita Lupea and her collections seem to be taken out of a Dutch landscape πŸ™‚ Avant-garde models, daring cuts, sober colors, exactly as the Dutch people like! And what better way to mix The Netherlands and Japan in the same bowl? Enough joking, but we’re crazy about all the coats made by Edita and we’re so happy to have discovered her on the Band of Creators website! So we’re taking further our #designeriromaniprinlume project (Romanian Fashion Designers Around the World) and we’re adding some more talented Romanian people on our list and some more creations to take them around the world! Because that’s our mission, to promote our country in any possible way, wherever we’re heading to! πŸ™‚
Edita Lupea at Kastel de Haar 1.jpg

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