2nd prize @ eTravel Awards!

RO: Tadaaaaa! Va povesteam saptamana trecuta ca am fost nominalizati la premiile eTravel la categoria de Best Instagram Account. Ei bine, ieri am aflat ca am castigat locul al doilea! Si-am fost atat de fericiti si de emotionati si de fastaciti si aiuriti! Ne bucuram cum nu se poate de acest premiu si ne motiveaza sa mentinem contul nostru de Instagram actualizat, colorat si aranjat si de-acum inainte!

EN: Tadaaaaa! We were talking last week about our eTravel Awards nomination for the Best Instagram Account Category. Well, yesterday we found out that we won the second prize! And we’ve been so happy and excited and clumsy and weirdie! This prize is a huge joy for us and it motivates us to keep our Instagram account updated, colorful and nice!

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