#maigre prinlume

RO: N-or fi ele Azorele cele mai potrivite pentru stat la plaja (din cauza vremii capricioase), insa sunt cateva locuri unde ti-e mai mare dragul sa stai cateva ore numai si numai uitandu-te la ocean. Ca doar nu degeaba or fi mai bine de 200 de kilometri de coasta pe Insula Verde din arhipelag. Acum intrebarea intrebatoare e pe care dintre toate cele insemnate de Miguel sa o alegem. Sa mergem in sud, la Praia Populo, cea mai frumoasa plaja din apropierea capitalei, dar plina pana la refuz de oameni si umbrelute colorate? Sa mergem in nord, la Praia Viola, complet pustie si ascunsa dupa munte, printe foste mori de vant si cascade? Sa fie est, pe la Nordeste, acolo unde valurile oceanului se izbesc de stanci si formeaza piscine naturale? Sau poate in vest, la Mosteiros, printre roci vulcanice si mici lagune formate natural. Ei bine, nu. Mergem la ghici. Cu harta pierduta undeva prin ghiozdan, iesim prima la dreapta de pe autostrada si nimerim pe unde-o fi. Si hai ca nu a fost rau deloc, daca te gandesti ca am dat de o zona complet rezidentiala, cu case frumoase, mai ceva ca-n Palm Beach, iar in capat de tot plaja de la Agua de Pau. Si parca-i cadru ideal pentru o serie de poze pentru proiectul #designeriromaniprinlume. Pentru ca da, am descoperit inca un roman talentat de nu se poate, Roxana Purcaru de la maigre.ro, si tare ne mandrim pozandu-i creatiile in jurul lumii!

EN: Maybe the Azores Islands are not the best destination for going to the beach (and that’s due to the unpredictable weather), but there are a few places where we could stay for hours just looking at the ocean. In the end, there are 200 km of coastline in the Green Island of the Azorean archipelago 🙂 But now we have to decide what beach should we choose from all the ones noted by Miguel on the map. Should we go to the south, at Praia Populo, the most beautiful beach close to the capital, but packed to capacity by people and colorful umbrellas? Or should we go up north, at Praia Viola, deserted and hidden beyond a rocky mountain, between former windmills and waterfalls? Or maybe to the east, around Nordeste, where the ocean waves crash into the stones and form natural pools? Or maybe to the west, at Mosteiros, among volcanic rocks and small naturally formed lagoons. Oh well, no. We have no map, seems to be hidden somewhere in the backpack, so we just turn right, get out of the highway and go wherever. And it’s not bad at all, as we just landed in a completely residential area, with beautiful houses that could run the Palm Beach ones really close. And in the end we have the Aguea de Pau beach. And looks like a picture perfect setting for some new photos for our #designeriromaniprinlume (Romanian Designers Around the World) project. Because we discovered another talented Romanian designer, Roxana Purcaru from maigre.ro, and we’re so very proud to wear her creations all over the world! 
Maigre Azores Islands Sao Miguel 3
Maigre Azores Islands Sao Miguel 6
Maigre Azores Islands Sao Miguel 7
Maigre Azores Islands Sao Miguel 4
Maigre Azores Islands Sao Miguel 5
Maigre Azores Islands Sao Miguel 2
Maigre Azores Islands Sao Miguel 9
Maigre Azores Islands Sao Miguel 10


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